Welcome to Housewife Hell where lovely english housewives get tied, teased, stripped, pegged, clamped, gagged and blindfolded for your pleasure.

When we started we acquired all the material from Woodland Bound, and we have republished this along with the new material we have been shooting. The last of the material from Woodland Bound was the set featuring Shel back in May, and everything update from then on has been 100% new material shot exclusively for this site.

We love to hear from our members, and to recieve pictures of your wives or girlfriends for publication, so if you would like to see your wife or girlfriend feature on the site, either submit your own pictures, or contact us and we will try to arrange a session with her ourselves.

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Housewife Joceline

Joceline's painful experience with clothes pegs

2nd August 2014

Housewife Rose

Rose get what she deserves - vidcaps

26th July 2014

Housewife Joceline

Joceline's breast flogging

19th July 2014

Housewife Louise

Crop and whip give Louise a lot of pain

12th July 2014

Housewife Rose

Breast slapping for Rose

5th July 2014

Housewife Ariel

Pain with pegs for Ariel

28th June 2014

Housewife Rose

Rose gets spanked

21st June 2014

Housewife Maya

Maya's Nipples get tested

14th June 2014

Housewife Louise

Hot wax, and loads of it for Louise

7th June 2014

Housewife Rose

Rose tries the clover clamps and weights

24th May 2014

Housewife Emma

Emma's poor nipples

17th May 2014

Housewife Maya

Maya tastes a little CP

10th May 2014

Housewife Louise

Louise spanked and abused with a vibrator

3rd May 2014

Housewife Emma

Painful pegs for Emma

26th April 2014

Housewife Maya

Swinging weights on Maya's clamps

19th April 2014

Housewife Maya

Maya clamps her own breats

12th April 2014

Housewife Ariel

Ariels pussy and tit torture

5th April 2014

Housewife Ariel

Ariel Bound and Stripped

29th March 2014

Housewife Louise

Louise's painful brush with clover clamps

22nd March 2014

Housewife Emma

Clover clamps cause Emma pain

15th March 2014

Housewife Emma

Emma naked and bound on the floor

8th March 2014

Housewife Jasmine

Jasmine gets all tied up

1st March 2014

Housewife Louise

Louise hates clothes pegs

22nd February 2014

Housewife Emma

Hot Wax for Emma

15th February 2014

Housewife Ariel

Spanking good fun with Ariel

8th February 2014

Housewife Louise

More Pegs and pain for Louise

1st February 2014

Housewife Emma

Emma's painful day

25th January 2014

Housewife Louise

Shock treatment for Louise

18th January 2014

Housewife Sofia

Sofia returns to the dungeon for one last painful sessioin

11th January 2014

Housewife Jasmine

Jasmine bound and stripped

4th January 2014

Housewife Emma

Emma tastes hot wax for the first time

28th December 2013

Housewife Emma and Sam

Emma plays with Sam again

21st December 2013

Housewife Ariel

Ariel Suspended with mousetraps

14th December 2013

Housewife Louise

Black and White pain for Louise

7th December 2013

Housewife Sofia

Sofia flogged

30th November 2013

Housewife Faye

Fun with Faye and Clothes Pegs

23rd November 2013

Housewife Emma

Emma's left hanging around

16th November 2013

Housewife Louise

Louise's arse gets punished

9th November 2013

Housewife Ariel

A first spanking for Louise

2nd November 2013

Housewife Ariel

Stripping Ariel

25th October 2013

Housewife Lana

And finally Lana gets the cane

19th October 2013

Housewife Lana

Next for Lana is the Riding Crop

12th October 2013

Housewife Lana

Lana's Final Punishment Continues

5th October 2013

Housewife Lana

Lana's Final Punishment Begins

28th September 2013

Housewife Louise

Louise hates clothes pegs

21st September 2013

Housewife Faye

Having fun with Faye's boobs

14th September 2013

Housewife Emma

Emma, naked, bound and exposed

7th September 2013

Housewife Sofia

Sofia's Bad Day gets worse

31st August 2013

Housewife Emma

Mousetraps for Emma

24th August 2013

Housewife EMMA & LOUISE

Emma tortures Louise

17th August 2013

Housewife Joceline

Ariel Tied up, Suspended, and stripped

10th August 2013

Housewife Lola

Waxing Lola

3rd August 2013

Housewife Faye

Faye stripped to please

27th July 2013

Housewife Sofia

Sofia visits the dungeon

20th July 2013

Housewife Emma

A shocking time for Emma

13th July 2013

Housewife Louise

Louise stripped and pegged

6th July 2013

Housewife Emma and Louise

Emma sits on Louise

29th June 2013

Housewife Faye

Faye gets all tied up

22nd June 2013

Housewife Lola

Lola is tested for depth

15th June 2013

Housewife Ariel

Ariel is kept in suspense

8th June 2013

Housewife Emma

Emma suffers the pegs

1st June 2013

Housewife Louise

Louise gets waxed

25th May 2013

Housewife Shel

Shel, stretched and stripped

18th May 2013

Housewife Ariel

Naughty Nurse Ariel gets punished

11th May 2013

Housewife Alice

Alice - tortured and teased

4th May 2013

Housewife Kellie

Kellie spread naked and tortured

27th April 2013

Housewife Faye

Naked Faye Tied and Teased

20th April 2013

Housewife Lana

Lana didn't like the mousetraps

12th April 2013

Housewife Emma

Emma tied down and spanked

7th April 2013

Housewife Louise

Lovely Louise tied and toyed

30th March 2013

Housewife Ariel

Ariel gets tied down and waxed

23rd March 2013

Housewife alice

Alice gets a second taste of pain

16th March 2013

Housewife Shel

Shel tied and teased in her bedroom

9th March 2013

Housewife Jasmine

Jasmine all wrapped up on the railway line

2nd March 2013

Housewife Amber

Amber tied to the stairs and stripped

23rd February 2013

Housewife Kellie

Kellie stripped and pegged for fun

16th February 2013

Housewife Rachel

A ripping time in the woods with Rachel

9th February 2013

Housewife Jovanka

Bondage tape and fun with Jovanka

2nd February 2013

Housewife Lana

Lana, bound, stripped and pegged

26th January 2013

Housewife Zara

Stripped in the tree's, Zara suffers in silence

19th January 2013

Housewife Ariel

Oven ready Ariel

12th January 2013

Housewife Alice

Alice bound and caged

6th January 2013

Housewife Kat

Kat's husband watches as we strip her in the woods

Added 29th December 2012

Housewife Shel

Shel gets tied, stripped and teased in her bedroom

Added 22nd December 2012

Housewife Kellie

Kellie doesn't like candles - I wonder why?

Added 15th December 2012

Housewife Jasmine

Jasmine gets bound and stripped on the railway lines

Added 8th December 2012

Housewife Louise

Louise tied between the tree's stripped and teased

Added 1st December 2012

Housewife Faye

Faye Bound, Stripped and played with

Added 24th November 2012

Housewife Ariel

Long tall Ariel cuffed and stripped

Added 17th November 2012

Housewife Alice

Alice's pain and pleasure in the playroom

Added 10th November 2012

Housewife Liz

Liz's rope harness experience

Added 4th November 2012

Housewife Mae

Mae is Bound to Please in her bedroom

Added 26th October 2012

Housewife Sabrina

Sabrina is a little tied up today

Added 20th October 2012

Housewife Zara

Zara's woodland troubles

Added 13th October 2012

Housewife Honesty

Honesty's Favorite Toy

Added 5th October 2012

Housewife ?

Lets make those nipples hurt

Added 29th September 2012

Housewife Shel

Shel rope bound in the garden

Added 22nd September 2012

Housewife Liz

Liz tortured in the kitchen

Added 15th September 2012

Housewife Lanna

Thai lovely Lanna gets tied and teased in the trees

Added 8th September 2012

Housewife Kellie

Lovely little Kellie gets bound and stripped

Added 1st September 2012

Housewife Lisa

Lisa spread and pegged on her bed

Added 25th August 2012

Housewife Ellie

Ellie has her nipples clamped

Added 18th August 2012

Housewife Amber

Stripping Amber for fun

Added 11th August 2012

Housewife Kat

Kat's woodland rope harness

Added 4th August 2012

Housewife Rachel

Rachel bound and stripped in Saxon Woods

Added 30th July 2012

Housewife Shel

Shel gets tied to the bed and stripped

Added 23rd July 2012

Housewife Mae

Mae gets taken tot he woods, tied and teased

Added 16th July 2012

Housewife Honesty

Honesty is punished

Added 5th July 2012

Housewife Faye

Housewife Faye gets punished for flirting

Added 30th June 2012

Housewife Mei Mei

Housewife Mei Mei tied to the tracks and stripped for pleasure

Added 23rd June 2012

Housewife Lisa

Housewife Lisa tied between the trees and stripped

Added 16th June 2012

Housewife Sammie B

Sammie B finds herself tied to the tracks

Added 9th June 2012

Housewife Sabrina

Housewife Sabrina gets bound and stripped

Added 2nd June 2012

Housewife Louise

Housewife Louise gets tied in knots near the railway line

Added 26th May 2012

Housewife Zara

Housewife Hell ties Zara to the tracks for some painful fun

Added 19th May 2012

Housewife Mya

Housewife Mya is strung up and stripped by the railway

Added 12th May 2012

Housewife Janine

Housewife Jannine stretched tall and gagged as we expose her beautiful body

Added 6th May 2012

Housewife Lindsey

Housewife Lindsey tied between the trees, stripped and fondled for fun

Added 30th April 2012

Housewife Jasmine

Housewife Jasmine is spread between the tracks then stripped...

Added 22nd April 2012

Housewife Liz

Housewife Liz gets tied, teased, stripped and pegged on her lounge floor while her husband watches

Added 15th April 2012

Housewife Amber

We take Housewife Amber to her bedroom, tie her to her bed, and then strip her for fun

Added 8th April 2012


Shel, bound and stripped in her lounge

Added 31st March 2012


Kat gets strung up and stripped

Added 25th March 2012

Sammie B

Sammie B tied in the Trees

Added 18th March 2012

Heather for Coffee

We find a new use for Heathers coffee table

Added 11th March 2012

Charlotte Stripped

Charlotte Stripped in the Trees

Added 4th March 2012

Lucy and Amanda

Lucy punishes Amanda

Added 25th February 2012

Rebecca Ripped

Rebecca's clothes are ripped off on the railway line

Added 17th February 2012

Jasmine Stripped

Jasmine is spread between the tree's and stripped

Added 12th February 2012

Samantha Stripped

Samantha Alexandra tied spread eagle to a bed, stripped and having her nipples clamped

Added 5th February 2012

Zara Pegged

Tied to a tree, stripped and teased. Zara doesn't look happy

Added 29th January 2012

Lisa's Table

Lisa spread eagle and stripped on the table

Added 22nd January 2012

Sam Railway

Sam gets stripped while spread eagle on a railway line

Added 15th January 2012

Hooly Stripped

Bound and Gagged on a cold winters day, Aussie Holly gets stripped

Added 8th January 2012

Shel Cut Up

Shel gets tied to a chair before her clothes are cut off

Added 1st January 2012

Lisa Hog Tied

Lisa gets hogtied and rolled in Thetford Forest

Added 24th December 2011

Kat's Clothes Cut

Kat's clothes get cut to shreds in Salcey Forest

Added 17th December 2011

Rach in the woods

Rach gets exposed in the woods

Added 10th December 2011

Alex Stripped

Alex Tied to the trees and stripped

Added 3rd December 2011

Honey Roped

Honey, roped, stretched and stripped

Added 26th November 2011

Ellie's kitchen Nightmare

Ellie tied and teased in the kitchen

Added 23rd November 2011

Liz Dribbles

Liz dribbles as we cut her lingerie off

Added 19th November 2011

Ambers Rope Harnes

Ambers Rope Harness

Added 16th November 2011

Clingfilmed Sammie B

Sammie B Clingfilmed to a tree

Added 12th November 2011

Lisa's tits tied

Lisa is bound and stripped and then we bind her tits

Added 9th November 2011

Sammie and Louise

Sammie strips and teases Louise

Added 5th November 2011

Shel bound and stripped

Shel bound and stripped in her lounge

Added 1st November 2011

MeiMei in Clingfilm

MeiMei mummified in clingfilm, then tapped and unwrapped

Added 28th October 2011

Rachels Nipples Clamped

Tied to a stool and exposed before we clamp her nipples - meet Rachel

Added 25th October 2011

Louise in the kitchen

Louise cuffed and chained in her kitchen

Added 22nd October 2011

Charlotte bound and gagged

Charlotte's troubles begin

Added 19th October 2011

Button Bound

Beautiful Button struggles against her ropes as she's stripped

Added 15th October 2011

Zara's Nightmare

Blindfolded, gagged, and bound on the railway line - Zara suffers again

Added 12th October 2011

Stripping Sam

It was fun stripping Sam by the railway line, despite the rain

Added 8th October 2011

Sabrina stripped

Sexy Sabrina gets bound and stripped in her own home

Added 4th October 2011

Rebecca's Karada

A full rope harness on the railway line for Rebecca

Added 1st October 2011

Sam gets stripped

Stretched on the stairs and stripped

Added 28th September 2011

Jasmine Roped and Spread

Jasmine De Launay roped and spread in the Peak District

Added 24th September 2011

Holly bound and strippedd

Aussie Holly bound and stripped

Added 20th September 2011

Charlotte tied and stripped

Charlotte wasn't happy tied to a tree

Added 17th September 2011

Ivana in the snow

Ivana gets stripped in the snow

Added 10th September 2011

Shell gets railroaded

Shel's railway experience

Added 10th September 2011

Jane roped and rolled

Jane gets roped and rolled in a seedy hotel room

Added 3rd September 2011

Kat spreadeagle

Kat gets spread between the trees and stripped

Added 3rd September 2011

Liz gets bound and pegged

Liz's husband asks for more punishment for his wife

Added 28th August 2011

Joceline tied to the track

Joceline in a Distress in Distress scene

Added 28th August 2011

Liz gets bound and pegged

A painful seat in the kitchen

Added 21st August 2011

Lanna's Picnic

Anyone for a Thai picnic?

Added 21st August 2011

Sammie B Bound and Stripped

On a disused railway line Sammy is slowly stripped

Added 14th August 2011

Honey dribbles

Honey gets tied to a stool , gagged, then stripped as she dribbled

Added 14th August 2011

Heather gets bound, gagged and clamped

Heather misbehaved, and has to take her punishement

Added 6th August 2011

tied to the tracks and treased

Louise gets herslf all tied down and teased

Added 6th August 2011

Ellie Punished At Home

We tied Ellie to her bannister rail then stripped her and clamped her nipples

Added 31st July 2011

Jasmine Stripped IN The Trees

Jasmine was tied spread eagle between the trees, gagged, then stripped her naked.

Added 31st July 2011

Zara spreadeagle and pegged

Spreadeagle, stripped, and then pegged - Zara's first experience for Housewife Hell

Added 23rd July 2011

Rachel ripped clothes

Ties to the tracks and then having your clothes ripped off - Rachel was having a bad day

Added 23rd July 2011

Shell gets tied and teased

Shel is a favourite of mine, I enjoy tying her up and then stripping her off. Want to watch?

Added 16th July 2011

meimei bound and spread on the track

Meimei - bound and spread on the railway tracks

Added 16th July 2011

Charlotte bound and gagged

This weeks blast from the past - Charlotte Gee, bound, gagged, and stripped in Clumber Park .

Added 26th June 2011

Samantha Alexandra bound and Stripped

Tied to the bed, with legs securely bound we stripped Samantha and put pegs on her breasts.

Added 26th June 2011

Song gets Chained and Stripped

The delightful Sally Dee agreed to be cuffed spread eagle between the trees in Saxon Woods. Just take a look at her fantastically long nipples.

Added June 2011

Song gets Chained and Stripped

Brought to Salcey Forest by her husband and handed over to be tie and teased among the tree's. Kat was such fun as this set shows.

Added June 2011

Song gets Chained and Stripped

Jane came to my hotel room and I tied her up, gagged her, and then stripped her. Such fun.....

Added June 2011

Liz tied to her bed and stripped

We were invited into Liz's home by her husband to tie her up and tease her as he sat there enjoying every minute

Added June 2011

Lisa bound and stripped in her lounge

Lisa is one of our more recent victims. She enjoys being dominated so we started by roping her down and stripping her in the lounge.

Added June 2011

Song gets Chained and Stripped

Song was the first young lady to submit to our desires to restrain and then strip beautiful women. Enjoy this blast from the past.

Added June 2011